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Using This Record in Emergencies

Would you like your emergency contacts, blood type, allergies and medications accessible in times of emergency?

Perhaps you have forgotten the name of your medication and would like International SOS to ship you more.

Understanding how to use the Emergency Record in times of emergency may be a life-saving tool.

Personal Access

You can access the information contained in your Emergency Record:

  • On this site (login at the right).
  • On the Internet at -- enter your membership number on the Members Login page.
  • By calling any International SOS Alarm Center (from anywhere in the world 24 hours a day).

International SOS Access

Should you need the services of International SOS in the event of an emergency, International SOS medical staff will be notified that you have an Emergency Record on file with us.

When you initially create your record, you will be asked to give International SOS staff access to and use of your record in times of emergency. Allowing International SOS access to this information further enhances their ability to assist you in the event of an emergency.