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The Emergency Record

The Emergency Record allows you to store and access vital health, contact and vaccination information and important documents and images on a secure, easy-to-use website. It also contains an interactive vaccination management system that will remind you when your boosters are due and make appropriate vaccination recommendations based on your type of travel. The Emergency Record is accessible in emergencies and can be used to determine the best care for you.

Medical Record
Vaccination Management System
Emergency Contact Profile
Personal Document Storage

Medical Record

Stores your important medical information online in one place:

  • Information such as past medical history, allergies and prescriptions is available to you from any computer connected to the Internet -- even when traveling.
  • During a medical emergency (and only if you have given permission), International SOS medical staff can use your information to help you. The information can also be released to the doctor treating you.

Vaccination Management System

Predicts appropriate vaccinations and sends reminders when follow-up doses/boosters are required:

  • First, use the Travel Profile Wizard to enter information about your type of travel and projected travel destinations and vaccination/disease history.
  • Second, use the Vaccination Wizard to log your current vaccination status.
  • Third, your current vaccination status is reported on a summary page.

Emergency Contact Profile

Allows you to maintain your personal and medical contact information online:

  • Personal and emergency contact information is stored in an easy-to-access online location.
  • Physician and insurance information is located in one spot for quick retrieval.

Personal Document Storage

Stores vital documentation for use in emergencies:

  • Medical documentation such as a scan of an EKG, x-ray, pathology report, medical report or digital photograph can be stored.
  • Non-medical documentation such as a scan of passport, visas, important documents, etc. can be stored.